A BlackBerry Spy App: Your Own Personal Detective

BlackBerry Spy AppMost people picture private detectives as people who live adventurous lives and collect important secrets. In their minds, private detectives frequently find themselves in car chases, shootouts and strip clubs.

In reality, a private detective’s life is much more boring. It consists basically in driving around following people and taking notes of what they do and where they go. If possible, they get information about the people that their target interacts with, but this is much harder to do.

Also, hired private detectives don’t find out important secrets that may jeopardize a nation, like you see in the movies. Rather, they are hired to find out if a person is cheating on his or her wife. For this, they charge around $200 or more for an hour of their time. Obviously, at those rates, few people can afford to hire one. Moreover, at those rates, they are in no hurry whatsoever to finish the investigation.

However, the popularity of the BlackBerry and the great amount of developers working on applications for it have created a new way of catching cheating spouses without spending a small fortune. Just install a BlackBerry spy application on the BlackBerry of your spouse and you’ll find the truth very soon.

Obviously, a BlackBerry spy application only works on a BlackBerry. Luckily, most executives prefer BlackBerries to other smartphones. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend the cash to buy a BlackBerry, install the BlackBerry spy app on it and give it to your spouse.

A BlackBerry spy app is very effective because most cheaters use their BlackBerries to communicate with their lovers, instead of a landline.

On of the things the app does is letting you see all the call history of the BlackBerry. Want to know what number called your husband at 1 AM? You got it. What to know whose call your spouse refused to answer? You got that too.

In addition, if your spouse sends or receives a text message, you will be able to read what it says. Erasing the message won’t do a thing because the content will have been registered on a website, where you can read it at your leisure.

Oh, and if you ever wondered where your spouse is, the software will give you the exact location of your spouse down to the street and number.

Having a BlackBerry spy app is like having your own private detective following your spouse. Except of course, the app doesn’t need to rest or sleep, it can’t be bribed, and it won’t have an incentive to extend the investigation as long as possible.

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