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July 19th 2017 By Pieter Arntz


So far in this series, we have handed you some methods to recognize and remediate adware. We used this diagram as a guideline.



During this journey, we have touched upon several free tools that we used to get some insight on what type of infection we were dealing with and where the adware could be hiding. Our objective has been to give you an idea of how many different types of adware are around for Windows systems. Though most are classified as PUPs, you will also see the occasional Trojan or rootkit.


This, the final part of the series, will provide you with download-locations and a description of the tools. One word of warning: even though all the tools are free for personal use, that doesn’t make them less powerful. If you want to use these tools to remediate a problem, make sure you know what you are doing or have some kind of backup at hand, in case anything goes terribly wrong. If you want to learn more about removing malware, there are several online schools that offer free malware removal training.


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