Android Spy Software: Facing the Truth About Your Spouse

Android Spy AppLike all cell phone spy programs in the market, Android spy software has created its share of controversy. It’s easy to see why. Unlike other Android applications, Android spy software involves the questioning of your own values and making decisions of finding results that you may not like.

However, I believe that is precisely this that makes Android spy software so effective, which is yet another reason why it’s so popular. If Android spy software weren’t so effective, it would have stopped selling a long time ago and disappeared, like so many Android based applications that were a one hit wonder.

For example, one of its most common applications is finding out if your spouse is cheating on you. Not only it gets the job done, but it also does it in at a much cheaper price than the alternative of hiring a private investigator. When you are able to find out where your spouse is at all times, who he or she is in touch with, and what he or she writes on text messages, it’s almost impossible for a cheater to get away with infidelity.

However, there is also a great psychological advantage of using a software program. In many situations, the person who cheats gives so many clues about his or her behavior that it’s impossible not to deduct that he or she is having an extra marital affair. However, the victim’s mind is so confused by pain and humiliation that it’s very hard for that person to cope or to accept what is going on.

That’s the reason why these people go into denial, or worse, they think that the cheating is their fault in the first place. They may come to believe that nothing is going on, even though it’s obvious to everybody else. Or they may think that they are not good enough.

Speaking with other people doesn’t necessarily help, because people are subjective and they can be misled or confused. The need of protection from pain may keep a victim from believing that his or her friends are objective.

However, machines and programs don’t lie. That’s why when they see the truth about their spouses on an impartial screen, it’s very hard to keep in denial anymore. An Android spy software takes out all the subjectivity and impartiality of an event and forces the victim to face the truth.

As you can imagine, this is neither easy, nor pleasurable. However, as painful as it can be, the truth is always better than lie because it allows you to do something about the problem.

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