BitKangoroo Ransomware Deletes Your Files If You Do not Pay


I am trying something new where I will post in brief articles about new ransomware as they are released. Many of these ransomware infections do not warrant a full article, but I feel its important to quickly get the word out about new techniques or variants as we discover them.


In our first ransomware in brief article, we are taking a look at a new in-development ransomware called BitKangoroo that I discovered today. Yes, I know, skidz can’t spell. This particular ransomware is developed by a real scumbag who intends to delete a victims files if they do not pay fast enough.


In summary, this ransomware will encrypt a victim’s files using AES-256 encryption and append the .bitkangoroo extension to encrypted files. It will then display a 60 minute countdown that when reached will cause the ransomware to delete one encrypted file. Once it deletes a file, it will reset the timer back to 60 minutes. Most importantly, this ransomware can be decrypted for free if it ever actually gets distributed.

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