BlackBerry Spying – How To Easily Monitor Any BlackBerry Phone

BlackBerry Spy SoftwareYou’ve probably heard about BlackBerry spying software, and wondered if it really works? Perhaps you’ve come across companies selling it online, or you read a news report on it? Regardless how you have heard about BlackBerry monitoring and spy programs, most people are still not how it works, and what it can do.


In a nutshell, BlackBerry spying programs enable you to monitor and track any BlackBerry cell phone that has one of these spy apps installed on it. It’s not a “virus” or “Trojan” as some people often refer to it as. BlackBerry spy software is a commercial monitoring and tracking app that is marketed towards anyone who has a need to monitor and/or track a BlackBerry.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why this software is used:

* Spouse. Suspicious spouses often use this type of software to monitor and track their partners. The information obtained from BlackBerry spying software is invaluable in their search for “hard evidence” that an affair is going on.

* Employer. Employers often use BlackBerry monitoring software in order to monitor their employee’s use of company issued BlackBerry cell phones. This could be to keep an eye on where their staff are in the field, or it could be a way to store communication that occurs between the employees and customers in case of a future dispute.

* Parent. Concerned parents are another growing segment of users. They purchase this software so they can locate their kids in case of an emergency, and as a way to monitor their kids text messages to look for signs of trouble and/or abuse.

* Personal. Some people will also use BB spy apps as an automatic back up solution for their BlackBerry phones.


The way these programs work is quite simple. You simply download the BlackBerry spying program directly into the BB phone. This is done using the phone’s own internet browser. All you do is type in the URL given to you by the software vendor, and the program will then start to download directly into the phone. Once the download is complete, you go through a few set up and configuration steps, and then you’re done. Total installation time takes about 5-10 minutes.

Now that the software is installed and set up, the rest is actually very easy. Everything happens in the background so there is nothing else you need to do. The software will start to record a variety of “events” behind the scenes, and then upload all the data to a secure online account that you set up with the vendor where you purchased the app from. That’s really all there is to how these apps work.

In summary, you download the app using the phone’s browser, go through a few installation steps, and then you log into your online account to view all the recorded logs. That’s it.


A couple years ago when this software first hit the market, there were only a few things it did. Read text messages and call logs, and enable you to view all the contacts stored on the phone. Today, the software is absolutely amazing. Not only can you read text messages, call logs, and view contact lists, but you can also read full BlackBerry Messenger chat conversations, emails (incoming/outgoing), browser history, photos snapped on the phone, and even track the BlackBerry in real-time. Some of the more high end BlackBerry spy software even enable you to remotely monitor the phone and listen to calls.

One thing to point out is that not all BlackBerry monitoring software is created equal. You’ll find some vendors that offer just a few basic features, while others offer everything mentioned above. My advice to you is to make sure you carefully read all the features BEFORE you buy.

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