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Wikipedia Taken Offline by Massive DDoS Attack

Wikipedia DDOS Attack: Wikipedia Hacked, Down for Users Across the Globe A massive DDOS cyber attack on Friday forced Wikipedia offline in several countries across Europe and in parts of the Middle East. The website confirmed that it had been hit by a “malicious attack that has taken it offline in several countries,” including Germany, […]

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Best Antivirus Software List 2019 (New List)

Malware authors are so nefarious that they create deadly viruses to uncover your monetary data or prevent your PC from working by any means. What you require is the most ideal antivirus programming on your PC. Thanks to the lucky stars, as the giant leaders in the security industry do deliver their best products… Many […]

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What is a Computer Virus and its Types

Computer Virus A computer virus is a malicious program that self-replicates by copying itself to another program. In other words, the computer virus spreads by itself into other executable code or documents. The purpose of creating a computer virus is to infect vulnerable systems, gain admin control and steal user sensitive data. Hackers design computer […]

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Why Do Free Antivirus for Android Needed?

Some common advice many cybersecurity experts give when it comes to protecting computers from viruses is to install an antivirus. With so much malware on the internet nowadays, having an antivirus is essential for keeping you safe while browsing the web. But do Android phones need antivirus too? Should you be downloading a free antivirus […]