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Azerbaijan Wants to Adopt Blockchain on Ministry of Justice Databases

Azerbaijan is joining the list of governments adopting distributed ledger technology to promote efficiencies. Osman Gunduz, Chair of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum (AMF), announced the country will start using blockchain on the information systems and registries of the Ministry of Justice. Azerbaijan Government Eyes Blockchain Application on Notaries, Courts, Penitentiaries, NGOs, Registries The Azerbaijani Internet Forum is […]

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IBM CTO Tells US Congressmen ‘Let’s Get Government Ready for Blockchain’

In a series of roundtable discussions, members of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus discussed possible blockchain applications and policy implications. IBM and members of the U.S. Congressional Blockchain Caucus discussed the use of blockchain for ID systems, payments, and supply chains during a meeting today, September 24, according to a press call attended by Cointelegraph. IBM […]

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IBM Joins Decentralized ‘Yellow Pages’ for Blockchain Projects

IBM has become a founding member in a decentralized cross-blockchain registry for blockchain projects. IBM has joined a decentralized cross-blockchain registry initiative which it states is a Yellow Pages analogue for blockchain projects, according to an announcement September 13. The initiative called Unbounded Registry will be led by blockchain startup HACERA, and is designed to […]