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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD is Bullish, Coin a Store of Value

Latest Ripple News Considering prevailing market conditions, it is clear that it has been a tough week for market participants. With double digit losses and breaks below important support levels, the meltdown was—and continues to be unforgiving. But even as participants despair, XRP did emerge as the winner of the “store of value” race edging […]

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XRP/USD Price Analysis: CNBC Host Recommend Buying Ripple

Latest Ripple News Like in any war, victims are usually the vulnerable. In the crypto space, the hash war between different factions within Bitcoin cash network saw ordinary investors’ record massive losses in several hours of madness. Surprisingly, in the midst of double digit losses in Bitcoin and most altcoins, XRP registered minor losses, rapidly […]

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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Reject Lower Lows, Short Term Targets at 80 Cents

Latest Ripple News Aside from EOS and Stellar Lumens which are recent inventions, it still beat logic that CoinBase is yet to list XRP. While it is understandable that CoinBase can practice their discretion and list any coin that adheres to their listing framework, XRP is a liquid asset and far more than just being […]

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XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Investment Rise 30 Percent Tripling Bitcoin’s

Fundamental developments as formation of SAIV, objectives of Coil to turn XRP from a facilitator to a medium of exchange and increase coin listings at various exchanges is bullish. Aside from this, Nigel Green’s comments cement our bullish stand. This is further solidified by candlestick formations of the last two weeks and the increasing capital […]