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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Volumes Dry Up as Monthly Losses Rise to 23 Percent

Even as traders and investors maintain a bullish outlook, XRP/USD monthly losses are high. Because of Oct 29 losses, we shall revert back to neutral, holding off trading now that our stops at 45 cents were hit on Monday. Encouragingly, the hype around Ripple’s achievement, XRP may find support at 40 cents and perhaps steer […]

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XRP Price Analysis: The Inevitable Bull Run with Hints from Coil, Omni News

Ripple is on a partnership spree. Perhaps that’s why there are a lot of fundamental developments propping XRP as a viable investment. From Coil, Omni and news of The Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation probable use of the RippleNet as they deploy Mojaloop, the foundation is set for XRP. On a technical front, prices are […]

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XRP Price Analysis: FSB Subtle Endorsement of Ripple Positive for XRP

After Cory Johnson revelation that they have been in constant communication with the Trump administration, Ripple supporter should interpret this as positive. It appears as if this positivity is spreading. In a report the FSB said cryptocurrencies and blockchain could be viable alternatives if traditional payment means become expensive. This is a subtle endorsement for […]

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XRP Price Analysis: 45 cents to 55 Cents Perfect for Buying at Discount

From xRapid launch, comments from Michael Didiuk and recent partnership between Ripple Labs and Santander’s One Pay X, Ripple fundamentals are vibrant.  However, we are yet to see that spill over to price. So far, XRP is down 18 percent from last week’s highs but could pull back above 50 cents. Once it does, conservative […]

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XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Investment Rise 30 Percent Tripling Bitcoin’s

Fundamental developments as formation of SAIV, objectives of Coil to turn XRP from a facilitator to a medium of exchange and increase coin listings at various exchanges is bullish. Aside from this, Nigel Green’s comments cement our bullish stand. This is further solidified by candlestick formations of the last two weeks and the increasing capital […]