INTERPOL Collaboration Reduces Cryptojacking by 78%

Cybercriminals are often seen as having the upper hand over the “white hat” community. After all, they’re anonymous, can launch attacks from virtually anywhere in the world, and usually have the element of surprise. But there’s one secret weapon the good guys have: Collaboration. That’s why Trend Micro has always prioritized its partnerships with law … [Read more…]

The Summit of Cybersecurity Sits Among the Clouds

Trend Micro Apex One as a Service You have heard it before, but it needs to be said again—threats are constantly evolving and getting sneakier, more malicious, and harder to find than ever before. It’s a hard job to stay one step ahead of the latest threats and scams organizations come across, but it’s something … [Read more…]

First Active Attack Exploiting CVE-2019-2215 Found on Google Play, Linked to SideWinder APT Group

by Ecular Xu and Joseph C Chen We found three malicious apps in the Google Play Store that work together to compromise a victim’s device and collect user information. One of these apps, called Camero, exploits CVE-2019-2215, a vulnerability that exists in Binder (the main Inter-Process Communication system in Android). This is the first known active … [Read more…]

Celebrating Decades of Success with Microsoft at the Security 20/20 Awards

Effective collaboration is key to the success of any organization. But perhaps none more so than those working towards the common goal of securing our connected world. That’s why Trend Micro has always been keen to reach out to industry partners in the security ecosystem, to help us collectively build a safer world and improve … [Read more…]

Parental Controls – Trend Micro Home Network Security has got you covered

We continue our three-part series on protecting your home and family. If you missed our first part, you can find it here.  Are your kids at that formative age when they’re beginning to use mobile devices? How about at that inquisitive age when they start to discover the wonders of the Internet? Or that age … [Read more…]

Looking into Attacks and Techniques Used Against WordPress Sites

By David Fiser (Senior Cyber Threat Researcher) WordPress is a well-known open-source content management system (CMS) used for creating websites and personal blogs. The CMS is estimated to be used by 35% of all websites today, which makes it an ideal target for threat actors. A weak point in the platform is all it takes … [Read more…]

This Week in Security News: Microsoft vs. Amazon in the Cloud and Escalated Risk in the Oil and Gas Industry

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, learn about cybersecurity risk facing the oil and gas industry and its supply chain. Also, read about what Trend Micro’s CEO, Eva Chen, has to say about … [Read more…]

Why Running a Privileged Container in Docker Is a Bad Idea

By David Fiser and Alfredo Oliveira Privileged containers in Docker are, concisely put, containers that have all of the root capabilities of a host machine, allowing the ability to access resources which are not accessible in ordinary containers. One use case of a privileged container is running a Docker daemon inside a Docker container; another … [Read more…]

How to Speed Up a Slow PC Running Windows OS

Working with a slow PC is always annoying and frustrating. Enduring sudden frozen windows and stuttered animations can make you want to throw the machine out the window. Take a deep breath, and consider these 8 tips on how to fix a slow PC running Windows.     Why is my Windows Running Slow? First, … [Read more…]

How To Get The Most Out Of Industry Analyst Reports

Whether you’re trying to inform purchasing decisions or just want to better understand the cybersecurity market and its players, industry analyst reports can be very helpful. Following our recent accolades by Forrester and IDC in their respective cloud security reports, we want to help customers understand how to use this information. Our VP of cybersecurity, … [Read more…]