Comnie Continues to Target Organizations in East Asia

January 31, 2018 By Josh Grunzweig


Unit 42 has been tracking a series of attacks using a remote backdoor malware family named Comnie, which have been observed targeting organizations in the East Asia region. Comnie, first named by Sophos seemingly after the Windows LNK file name it created, is a custom malware family that is used in targeted attacks, and has been observed in the wild since at least April 2013. The Comnie malware family is notable in that it leverages online blogs and third-party services to obtain command and control (C2) information. Recent instances of the malware have been observed leveraging,, and


Attackers using Comnie are leveraging malicious macros that initially hide decoy documents and shows them when the victim enables macros. These decoys documents pertain to various subject matters that the targets would be likely to be interested in. The contents of these documents suggest that the main interests of threat actor likely included the organizations in the following industries, located in Taiwan:


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