Erebus Ransomware Utilizes a UAC Bypass and Request a $90 Ransom Payment


February 7th, 2017  By Lawrence Abrams


A sample of a potentially new ransomware called Erebus has been discovered by MalwareHunterTeam on VirusTotal. I say that this is a potentially new ransomware because TrendMicro had reported another ransomware using the same name was previously released back in September 2016. Though I do not have a sample of the original Erebus, from its outward characteristics, the one discovered today looks like either a complete rewrite or a new ransomware using the same name..


While at this time, it is not currently known how Erebus is being distributed, analysis of the ransomware shows some interesting features. The first, and most noticeable features, is the low ransom amount of ~$90 USD being requested by the ransomware. Another interesting features is its use of a UAC bypass that allows the ransomware to run at elevated privileges without displaying a UAC prompt.


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