Eternal Synergy Exploit Analysis

This is one for the experts.






Recently we announced a series of blog posts dissecting the exploits released by the ShadowBrokers in April 2017; specifically some of the less explored exploits. This week we are going to take a look at Eternal Synergy, an SMBv1 authenticated exploit. This one is particularly interesting because many of the exploitation steps are purely packet-based, as opposed to local shellcode execution. Like the other SMB vulnerabilities, this one was also addressed in MS17-010 as CVE-2017-0143. The exploit works up to Windows 8, but does not work as written against any newer platforms.


This post has four main parts. We will deep-dive into the vulnerability, followed by a discussion of how the vulnerability was weaponized to create Read/Write/eXecute primitives that are used as building blocks throughout the exploit. We will then next walk through the execution of EternalSynergy and see how these primitives were used to deliver a full exploit. Finally, we will briefly discuss the effect of recent mitigations on the presented exploit techniques.


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