EternalBlue vulnerability scanner statistics reveal exposed hosts worldwide

Zeljka Zorz –

What Eternal Blues usage statistics showed


Still, the statistics collected by the tool, as well as the total number of downloads, show that after the NotPetya attack, people’s awareness of the threat did increase.

“Running Eternal Blues is, by definition, being aware of the problem,” Erez noted.

He shared with Help Net Security the statistics collected from July 1 to July 12, and they tell the following story:


Eternal Blues was used for over 23,000 scans. Over 8 million IP addresses were scanned, and a total of 60,000 vulnerable hosts were identified (out of ~537,000 that were responsive). Of the ~537,000 responsive hosts, some 258,000 still had SMBv1 enabled.


EternalBlue vulnerability scanner statistics


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