Fake WhatsApp Site Helps Spread Adware via Chrome Extension

This is a rather complex scheme to get people to install a Chrome extension that’s actually adware


                                  WhatsApp is being used to dupe people


May 15, 2017 20:50 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu

A new adware is circulating online, tricking users to visit a modified domain posing as The fake URL – шһатѕарр.com – uses characters from the Cyrillic alphabet and makes people believe they’re on the real domain. 


The info comes from a redditor going by the name of “yuexist” who notes that the site promises to let you install WhatsApp in a different color, The Next Web reports. To make the scheme spread even further when you visit the link you’re asked to share the site with your friends for verification purposes. Then, your contacts receive a message praising how much you love the new WhatsApp colors, including the fake URL. Without close inspection, it’s easy to fall prey to the ruse.


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