Gmail Doesn't Send Mails from Spoofed Address to Spam

While Gmail lets them through, Yahoo blocks them and Microsoft’s Outlook will put them into the Spam box


Feb 9, 2017 16:32 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu

Google equipped Gmail with some pretty strong spam filters which manage to keep out most of the spam hitting your inbox, but it can’t keep out everything, especially if it comes from a spoofed address, it seems.


According to one researcher named Renato Marinho, from Brazilian security firm Morphus Labs, Gmail doesn’t filter or warn users about possibly sketchy messages from a spoofed address. Marinho writes that while the email appears to have come from a valid Gmail account, it actually comes from a server that’s not Gmail related. This is something that spammers could certainly take advantage of, and, even worse, hackers looking to do you harm.


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