Google to Make Two Years of Security Updates Mandatory for OEMs

24th October 2018, By Anil Ganti


Android april Security 2106 report

We keep a lot of sensitive data on our smartphones, which is why it is essential that they are secure. Google is engaged in a never-ending game of cat and mouse with people looking to bypass their security measures. A lot of vulnerabilities making their way into the limelight in recent years prompting Google to create the monthly security bulletin which features patches against the latest security exploits.


However, only a small chunk of devices receive timely security updates as several OEMs are unable to/don’t roll out the patches for their hardware. Fragmented security has long been a problem on Android, where phone manufacturers will sometimes ignore products as they age or their use count dwindles. In a move that may finally help address the problem, Google has laid down new ruled for OEMs which states a minimum amount of Android security updates they must offer.


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