Hackers Selling Undetectable Proton Malware for macOS in 40 BTC

The initial price for Proton RAT malware was 100 BTC.




18th February 2017 by  Waqas


Hackers are selling a malware for Mac devices on a prominent dark web marketing claiming that it is undetectable and comes with capabilities including taking full control of macOS devices by evading anti-virus detection.


Dubbed Proton by its developers, the malware is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) and is being sold in one of the leading closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The discovery was made by Sixgill, a cyber-intelligence company that detects cyber-attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web before they occur.


In their threat report, researchers at Sixgill explained that the initial price of Proton RAT was 100 BTC (USD $100,000), but lately it is being sold 40 BTC (USD $41891) with unlimited installations while a license to install on a single PC with genuine Apple certifications would set a cyber criminal back only 2 BTC.


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