How to Spy on a Mobile Phone: Separating Facts From Myths

Being able to spy on a mobile phonehas been the wish of many since they saw it done on secret spy movies, like the James Bond movies. These movies showed things that were possible, things that were plausible, and things that were impossible (at least until now).

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Today, people from all over the world are learning how to spy on a mobile phone. The technology is now available and anyone can get it from the Internet. Oh, and you don’t need to be a 00 agent to learn how to spy on a mobile phone. The process is so easy that the average computer user can do it. If you can check your e-mail, then you can use this technology.

Spy on Cell PhoneHowever, true mobile spying technology is different from the one you see on TV and movies. This has disappointed people who buy the software hoping to emulate what they see on the screen. However, people who take the time to understand how the software really works and learn how to spy on a mobile phone get much more value for their money.

So, if you are still not sure what mobile spy software does or how it works, but would like to learn how to spy on a mobile phone, here are some of the facts of this type of software as well as some of the most common myths about it:

• The software doesn’t let you hack into people’s computers, much less transform them into control devices for other things.
• The software can’t be used to intercept calls just because someone with a mobile phone happens to walk by.
• The software can’t be installed on a phone that you don’t own.
• The software does let you see the location of the phone in an online map, although not in a radar kind of way with a sweeping line that goes “beep” all the time. Instead, it just marks its location on Google Maps.
• You don’t need to be a computer genius to use the software or a highly trained information systems engineer to install it on your phone.
• The software only lets you track the phone that you’ve installed the software on. It doesn’t affect any other phones.
• The software gives you the call history of the phone, the content of text messages and the phone’s location.

There are more, but these are the most important things that you should know about this software. Hopefully, these will help you decide whether or not to learn how to spy on a mobile phone.

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