How to spy on cellular phones

How to Spy on Mobile Phones

Mobile spy software

Tracking Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are an integral part of our society. I have a smartphone which permits me to text, call, video call and browse my favorite social media sites on the internet. I have applications for monitoring my heart rate, timing my exercise routines and workouts and reading the bible; needless to say, my mobile phone is attached to me every waking moment. Innovative ideas abound in our society; depending on your perspective, one of the smartest and perhaps innovative programmes recently developed is the ability to track any mobile phone.

What can spy mobile software do?

First a breakdown on the latest software for tracking mobiles and what it can do; then perhaps a look at why you would need to spy (or track in my case) someone else’s mobile phone.

In a nutshell, mobile phone tracking software can do the following:

Standard Call Tracking: tracks all the numbers called, how many calls made to any mobile, the time and how long each call lasted

Standard SMS Tracking: tracks any messages sent and received by any mobile under surveillance; messages can still be read even if they are erased from the mobile

Standard GPS Location Tracking: tracks the exact location of the mobile using Google Maps

Standard Phone Book Access: mobile tracking software permits you to see every number logged into the memory of a mobile

Why would you want or need to spy on someone’s mobile phone?
Along with many others, I tend to think of anyone poking their nose into my personal business as spying. Looking beyond this fact, the obvious reasons for me tracking another mobile is purely for safety reasons; to protect and look after my immediate family. To know their whereabouts should they find themselves in a lost or distressed situation; especially if we/you are in a foreign country.

Apart from that you can track your employees and monitor any untoward behavior; your spouse if you suspect infidelity; and a wayward son or daughter if you sense trouble looming on the horizon.

What do I do now?

For a one-off fee, you can sign up for an account that can be monitored by you from any computer around the world. An application is stored on the target mobile which sends all the activity to a central server which you access via a web account. Incidentally, you can track multiple phones with a single account.

Is this essential? Only you can determine that.

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