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In-depth Review of 100eyes Crypto Scanner


In this article, I am going to review the Telegram crypto alerting service 100eyes. This crypto scanner has been rapidly growing and I wanted to take a closer look at what they’re doing and why this tool has suddenly increased its popularity. I will split the review into four parts, submission, setting up the alerts, paying, usage, and the conclusion.


In order to use the tool, you need to talk to @MrBlade_100eyes on Telegram. This is a bit less convenient compared to other tools, where you can self-register online. On the plus side, you will get a very personal approach, and you have immediate answers for any questions you might face. MrBlade offered me a 24h day trial for free to understand what the service could mean for me. This was a feature I really liked and allows me to decide if I want to become a member on face value, rather than buying something I don’t know about. I decided to take up the 24h trial to get a good look.

Setting up alerts

During the trial, I was not able to customize too many things. He signed me up for alerts on RSI Divergences (bearish and bullish), RSI oversold and overbought, Potential MACD Crosses and 0.618 Fibonacci Retracements for the 15m, 1h, 4h and 1D. Here is an example of an alert I received:
Unique for the 100eyes tool compared to all other crypto scanners that I used, is that they are also able to provide instant graphs along with lines that explain the alert. This is a really cool feature that can be really helpful if you’re always on the go, you can immediately understand how good the signal is and if you need to run to your pc.


After I learned how the alerts would help me in my trading after 24h, I decided to pay for three months for $45. Again, the personal approach comes back here – you have to talk to MrBlade and he will give you a litecoin deposit address. After paying I was immediately allowed to use the full version.


Now that I got the paid version, I decided to start trading with Bullish RSI Divergences, Volatility alerts and Fib Retracements. In the first hour, I got two RSI Divergences on the 15m. As soon as the third RSI Divergence hit, I decided to test my luck. I noticed that not only there was a RSI Divergence, but that the coin was also hitting a support level on a higher timeline.
Still excited from doing my first real trade with 100eyes, I became even more excited when I noticed the price was going up. I put my target at a price of 5% above my buy level and a SL at 1% below. After two hours my sell limit order kicked in and ended in my first profit of the day!!


High-quality alerts, instant graphs with RSI Divergences, and a lot of personal support color me impressed! I give this tool a big thumbs up. For the price quality tradeoff, the 15 dollar a month is a steal. For more information, check out their website at

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