Intel admits chip security has a long way to go

A year ago, the world came to realise how a side-loading attack could compromise a microprocessor. Intel has been working hard to make fixes easier


A year on from the discovery of the Spectre and Meltdown processor flaws, Intel has admitted its work on security has only just begun.

In a web post, Leslie Culbertson, an executive vice-president and general manager of product assurance at Intel, wrote: “While I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made, our work is just beginning. So, as we look to 2019, two things are certain. First, security will continue to be an area where vigilance is required. Second – and just as important – we at Intel will continue to drive security innovation across our product portfolio to better protect customers and help drive the industry forward to make all our products more secure.”

The new class of security vulnerabilities that includes Spectre and Meltdown presents a challenge for the entire industry.

Following revelations of the chip flaws, Culbertson said Intel had made a commitment to build in advanced security at the silicon level to help protect against side channel exploits like Spectre and Meltdown.

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