Israeli Military Targeted by Android Mobile Surveillance Malware

The spyware can turn phones into recording devices, can give out GPS location, put lives in jeopardy


Feb 16, 2017 15:03 GMT  ·  By Gabriela Vatu

Israeli servicemen are under cyberattack, with hundreds of devices compromised and turned into spy gear. 


According to Kaspersky Lab, starting in mid last year, over 100 Israeli servicemen were hit by an attack that exfiltrated data to the attackers’ command and control servers. Then, the devices were pushed Trojan updates allowing the hackers to extend their capabilities.


Experts believe the campaign is still ongoing and in its early stages, targeting Android devices. These smartphones or tablets, once compromised, are turned into spying devices that can make use of video and audio capabilities, as well as the SMS functions and location.


There are also social engineering techniques at play, leveraging social networks in order to make the soldiers share confidential information or to download malicious apps.

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