JungleSec Ransomware Infects Victims Through IPMI Remote Consoles

December 26th 2018, By Lawrence Abrams


JungleSec Header


A ransomware called JungleSec is infecting victims through unsecured IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) cards since early November.


When originally reported in early November, victims were seen using Windows, Linux, and Mac, but there was no indication as to how they were being infected. Since then, BleepingComputer has spoken to multiple victims whose Linux servers were infected with the JungleSec Ransomware and they all stated the same thing; they were infected through unsecured IPMI devices.


IPMI is a management interface built into server motherboards or installed as an add-on card that allow administrators to remotely manage the computer, power on and off the computer, get system information, and get access to a KVM that gives you remote console access.


This is extremely useful for managing servers, especially when renting servers from another company at a remote collocation center. If the IPMI interface is not properly configured, though, it could allow attackers to remotely connect to and take control of your servers using default credentials.


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