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Learn How to Multiply your BTC


Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and it has helped thousands of crypto enthusiast to become a millionaire. Bitcoin trading is the fastest way to earn a lot of money but there are many people out there who don’t know much about the Bitcoin Trading but still want to earn handsome money from it. In this guide, we will tell you about a platform which can help you to make a lot of money from Bitcoin without involving you in the complex process of bitcoin trading. Let’s get started.

What is MyCryptoBuddy?

MyCryptoBuddy is state of the art AI-based crypto trading platform which helps the people to make the most of cryptocurrency investment. The platform has AI-Based trading system which helps its users to earn the return on their investment on daily basis around the year.

The company allows you to invest as much money as you want and you can invest as low as $40 and you will get your invested money back at the end of the year with your gains. The best thing about this platform is that you can pull your investment anytime you want and move on.

How MyCryptoBuddy Works?

MyCryptoBuddy has the trading experts in their teams which help them to read the market and invest accordingly. The company operates on the main principle of “buy low and sell high”. As Crypto market is highly volatile and the value of cryptocurrencies changes every day and it allows the experts to read the market and invest at the right time.

Another main source of revenue is the “Off the Book” bitcoin trading which is also very profitable. The company buys the large quantity of Bitcoin from the Bitcoin Miners which allow them to buy the bitcoin at 2-10% below market value and sell the bitcoin in the market at high rates.

BTC Trade Package

BTC Trade package allows you to invest as low as $40 to buy the package for the affiliate plan. As the company maintains total transparency, 50% of BTC Trading packages go toward the operations and commissions for their affiliate programs and the rest of 50% goes toward the investment.

The company also maintain the individual accounts and not pooled them with other accounts, it allows the investors to withdraw their investment whenever they want. Once you get the package, you will start earning your profit, you will get up to .66% per day of the total investment which goes to your trading account for the next 1 year. The package will expire after 365 days and you will get your investment back with the profits and if you don’t want to invest again, you can take your money and move on.

MyCryptoBuddy Affiliate Program

The company also offer an Affiliate program for its users where you can earn handsome money on your referrals. Unlike other companies, MyCryptoBuddy doesn’t require you to pay the membership fee or any monthly fee. All you have to do is to sign up for the affiliate program and invite your friends to this platform. You will get a 20% commission on every purchase of pack on your referral link and you can earn up to 5% commission on pack purchases of your team. You will also get a share of monthly global sales revenue if you get 5 personal sales in the month. There is also no earning caps, you can get your commission whenever you want. If you are interested in this platform then please visit for more information. You can also request a call with the experts before investing in the platform.

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