Marketing Is Ravaging Cybersecurity

17th February 2017 By Alex Kreilein


It’s an interesting thing to see an industry approach a dangerous inflection point. If you focus closely, you can actually smell the vapor. What’s concerning — what should scare people — is that today’s industry on the verge of a concern is cybersecurity. It affects us all because it is perhaps one of the most indispensable fields in our connected society. But we can confront this problem. We can do a better job by focusing on engineering, solutions development, and marketing — in that order.


For years, people have said that cybersecurity is a bubble market. But most of those people are analysts, bankers, or consultants. Their incentives are aligned to promote incumbents who want people to believe that only they have the answers. I have and still do actually work in the field. Together, my business partner Dave Odom and I manage an early-stage product development, sales, and investment platform. We’re the guys who should be against the bubble rhetoric. But it is easy to see what is happening: marketing is fully overtaking product development. We’ve lined up to go to the mattresses rebalance the equation.


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