Network security simplified with Amazon VPC Ingress Routing and Trend Micro

AWS APN partnerToday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the availability of a powerful new service, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Ingress Routing. As a Launch Partner for Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, we at Trend Micro are proud to continue to innovate alongside AWS to provide solutions to customers—enabling new approaches to network security. Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ and Trend Micro™ Cloud One integrate with Amazon VPC Ingress Routing deliver network security that allows customers to quickly obtain compliance by inspecting both ingress and egress traffic. This gives you a deployment experience designed to eliminate any disruption in your business.

Cloud network layer security by Trend Micro

A defense-in-depth or layered security approach is important to organizations, especially at the cloud network layer. That being said, customers need to be able to deploy a solution without re-architecting or slowing down their business, the problem is, previous solutions in the marketplace couldn’t meet both requirements.

So, when our customers asked us to bring TippingPoint intrusion prevention system (IPS) capabilities to the cloud, we responded with a solution. Backed by industry leading research from Trend Micro Research, including the Zero Day Initiative™, we created a solution that includes cloud network IPS capabilities, incorporating detection, protection and threat disruption—without any disruption to the network.

At AWS re:Invent 2018, AWS announced the launch of Amazon Transit Gateway. This powerful architecture enables customers to route traffic through a hub and spoke topology. We leveraged this as a primary deployment model in our Cloud Network Protection, powered by TippingPoint, cloud IPS solution, announced in July 2019. This enabled our customers to quickly gain broad security and compliance, without re-architecting. Now, we’re adding a flexible new deployment model.


Enhancing security through partnered innovation

This year we are excited to be a Launch Partner for Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, a new service that allows for customers to gain additional flexibility and control in their network traffic routing. Learn more about this new feature here.

Amazon VPC Ingress Routing is a service that helps customers simplify the integration of network and security appliances within their network topology. With Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, customers can define routing rules at the Internet Gateway (IGW) and Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to redirect ingress traffic to third-party appliances, before it reaches the final destination. This makes it easier for customers to deploy production-grade applications with the networking and security services they require within their Amazon VPC.

By enabling customers to redirect their north-south traffic flowing in and out of a VPC through internet gateway and virtual private gateway to the Trend Micro cloud network security solution. Not only does this enable customers to screen all external traffic before it reaches the subnet, but it also allows for the interception of traffic flowing into different subnets, using different instances of the Trend Micro solution.

Trend Micro customers now have the ability to have powerful cloud network layer security in AWS leveraging Amazon VPC Ingress Routing. With this enhancement, customers can now deploy in any VPC, without any disruptive re-architecture and without introducing any additional routing or proxies. Deploying directly inline is the ideal solution and enables simplified network security without disruption in the cloud.


What types of protection can customers expect?

When you think of classic IPS capabilities, of course you think of preventing inbound attacks. Now, with Amazon VPC Ingress Routing and Trend Micro, customers can protect their VPCs in even more scenarios. Here is what our customers are thinking about:

  • Protecting physical and on-premises assets by routing that traffic to AWS via DirectConnect or VPN
  • Detecting compromised cloud workloads (cloud native or otherwise) and disrupting those attacks, including DNS filters and geo-blocking capabilities
  • Preventing lateral movement between multi-tiered applications or between connected partner ecosystems
  • Prevention for cloud-native threats, including Kubernetes® and Docker® vulnerabilities, and container image and repository compromises occurring when pulled into VPCs


Trend Micro™ Cloud One ­– Network Security

Amazon VPC Ingress Ingress Routing will be available as a deployment option soon for Cloud Network Protection, powered by TippingPoint, available in AWS Marketplace. It will also be available upon release of our recently announced Trend Micro™ Cloud One – Network Security, a key service in Trend Micro’s new Cloud One, a cloud security services platform.

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