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Symbian Spy Software: Is It OK to Spy on Your Children?

Symbian Spy AppWith the popularity of the Symbian operating system on cell phones, it’s natural that many third party developers have come up with applications for this operating system. One of the latest ones is Symbian Spy Software, which has created a bit of a controversy.

One of the most popular applications of Symbian Spy Software is using it to keep an eye on your children without they knowing about it. Some people think this is wrong, as it invades the privacy of their children.

Of course, things aren’t as simple as they look at first sight. For starters, the definition of privacy might apply differently to adults than to children depending on your criteria. One argument that supports the position that children don’t deserve as much privacy as adults is that children aren’t responsible for their own actions. It’s the adults who are responsible for the actions of their children. Thus, parents have the right to have certain information about their children’s activities, even if they don’t want to give it willingly, because ultimately, parents are the ones that will end up facing the consequences of their children’s actions. Besides, let’s be honest, when children want to hide some information, it’s always because they did something bad.

There is one more argument for children not deserving as much privacy. Young people aren’t as wise or mature than adults, and often, they are driven by emotions or hormones rather than logic. Because of this, very often they make bad decisions in things that can harm them, such as sex, alcoholism, drugs, or even more traditional problems, like peer pressure and bullying. Therefore, for their own protection, parents should be able to supervise them. This is where Symbian spy software really shines, as it helps parents know what’s going on with their children and it also allows them to find them instantly.

Of course, if you ask a child his opinion, he won’t think that his parents are trying to protect him. Oh no, he will think that they are Hitler personified. Fortunately, Symbian spy software is undetectable. All your child will know is that you finally got him the smart phone that he’s been pestering you for so long.

And lastly, in the end, for all their complaining about being treated like adults, children conveniently forget one part about being adults: paying for your things. They may not like getting a phone with Symbian spy software on it, but they like even less paying for their own phone, don’t they?

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