Teach Your AI Well: A Potential New Bottleneck for Cybersecurity

8th October 2018, By Curtis Franklin Jr.


Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise of easing the skills shortage in cybersecurity, but implementing AI may result in a talent gap of its own for the industry.


Ann Johnson is leaning forward from her seat in the lobby of a tourist-district Hilton as she shares her excitement about the promise of AI. “Microsoft sees 6.5 trillion security signals a day,” she says. “AI helps rationalize them down to a quantity that humans can deal with.”


As corporate vice president in Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Johnson spends a lot of time thinking about tools to make human security analysts more effective. “The goal is to reduce the number of humans required – since there aren’t nearly enough humans to do the work – and automate simple remediation, leaving humans to do more complex work,” she explains.


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