Technology Bytes Links – Nov 02, 2016


The future of PCs and Macs is expensive

Soylent recalls another product amid gastrointestinal mayhem

Microsoft to fix Windows flaw exploited by hackers

Dell hints at its take on a Surface Studio-like creative PC


Bite of the Apple

The cheapest MacBook Pro comes with a user-replacable SSD

Apple Says It’s Out of the Standalone Display Business

Missing the MagSafe Charger in the New MacBook? Here’s Your Dongle

Rumor: AirPods to ship in January

Touch Bar-equipped 2016 MacBook Pro notebooks do away with classic startup chime sound


Try Buy or Fry

E-ink Keyboard

Tesla Unveils its New Line of Camouflaged Solar Panels

Nissan builds a tiny office in an electric van

‘Escape from New York’ with Snake Plissken’s countdown watch


Weird Science

Scientists Hope to Eradicate Disease With Massive Mosquito Orgy

We May Have Found a Way to Cheat the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Take a look at the best antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spy, etc. software

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