This ransomware lets crooks spot their victim on a map

Ransomware has always been sinister – now it’s creepy too.


By Danny Palmer |



This is a Philadelphia ransomware ransom note targeting a hospital — but users will see something similar on their own computers if they’re not careful.

Image: Proofpoint


As if ransomware wasn’t sinister enough, a simple to use and easy to buy form of the file-encrypting malware now provides its users with the ability to track victims on Google Maps.


First appearing on the cybercriminal market in September last year, the Philadelphia ransomware is available for $400 and the developers offers a ‘ransomware-as-a-service’ package which provides support and updates for the malicious software.


The RaaS kit is even promoted to potential customers with adverts complete with slick marketing videos and promotional screenshots boasting of a ‘Full Lifetime License’ from its creators, complete with regular support.


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