Trojan Downloader Masquerades as Defunct Flash Player for Android

By Ionut Arghire on February 20, 2017

A recently observed malware downloader targeting Android users is masquerading as an update for Adobe Flash Player, ESET researchers warn.


Although the Flash Player for Android was discontinued nearly half a decade ago, cybercriminals are still abusing it to trick unsuspecting users into downloading and installing their malicious programs. As always, the attackers rely on user’s willingness to download and install a fake update when prompted to do so via a well-designed, legitimate-looking update screen.


Dubbed Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI, the newly discovered threat uses this technique to infect the devices of users navigating social media or adult sites. Following installation, the malware presents more deceptive screens to its victims, to trick them into granting it special permissions in the Android accessibility menu, which then allow it to download and execute additional malware.


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