Unstoppable JavaScript Attack Helps Ad Fraud, Tech Support Scams, 0-Day Attacks

21st February 2017 By Catalin Cimpanu


Argentinian security expert Manuel Caballero has published new research that shows how a website owner could show a constant stream of popups, even after the user has left his site, or even worse, execute his very own persistent JavaScript code while the user is on other domains.


There are multiple issues and attack scenarios that Caballero discovered, but fortunately, they only affect Internet Explorer 11, but not Edge, or browsers from other vendors.


The bad news is that, according to NetMarketShare, IE11 is the second ranked browser version, with a market share of 10.46%, right behind Chrome 55, with 37.27%, meaning it still accounts for a large portion of the online userbase, despite its advanced age.


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