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Using Android Spy Software To Protect Your Kids

Android Spy SoftwareRight now there are really two popular types of phones with kids all over the world – Android phones and iPhones. Your kids are going to own one or the other and if they’re into using Flash or games emulators then Android is going to win out in their choice of phone.

But as a concerned parent or guardian I’m sure you want to know what your kids are up to with their phones so that they’re kept safe from dangerous and potentially harmful influences. That’s why having a phone spy application to use as a spy for their new Android phone is so important. Using software like this means that you can access lots of information on the phone from any computer that has Internet access. And even better is the fact that your kids won’t know this type of software has been installed so they won’t try to hide anything from you.

What type of information can Android spy software give you? You can access the phone book on their cell phone, you can read any e-mail or SMS text message they’ve sent or received, you can check their call history and you can see what images have been sent to or from the phone. You can also track the physical location of the phone down with Google Maps and the GPS function of the phone and last but not least you can actually listen in on live calls in real time. For the clever kids that try to hide their tracks by deleting text messages this type of software automatically makes an online copy of them so you have proof of what they might have gotten up to.

But wait a second. Isn’t this a huge invasion of privacy for your children? You’re literally going to be able to see everything they say and do with their phone. Some parents are going to consider this to be a step too far in parental guidance whereas other parents are going to welcome the chance to make sure their kids are safe. Look at it this way – if your kids aren’t doing anything wrong then they’ll have nothing to hide from you.

If on the other hand your kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd or getting involved in activities they’ll wind up regretting for the rest of their lives then it’s your duty as a parent to try and stop them from making these types of mistakes. Your children might resent the intrusion now but they’ll be grateful when they get a little bit older. The joys of being a parent eh?

Are you worried that your kids might be getting up to no good with their mobile phone? All you need for total peace of mind is a tiny phone spy app that allows you to supervise all their cell phone activity. They’ll never even know it’s there!

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