Symbian Spy

What Can a Symbian Spy Software Do for You?

Symbian Spy SoftwareSymbian being one of the preferred operating systems for mobile devices, developers came out with a spy software especially meant for Symbian based devices. Some people found it to be controversial application and other found it extremely useful.

Symbian spy software is a mobile based monitoring application which can be utilized to track Symbian based mobile devices. In other words, Symbian spy software is a third-party mobile program that allows the users to monitor all the activities of a phone that runs the Symbian operating system. To watch the activities that occur on a Symbian spy based Smartphone, the users just need to go to a web browser to the website of Symbian Spy software and see all types of information like – incoming calls, outgoing calls, duration of the incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing text messages, exact location of the person who is holding that Symbian phone etc.

The Symbian spy software allows the users to supervise what is done with Symbian based mobile phones. There are a number of reasons why the user might want to install Symbian spy software on their devices. Some of the beneficial features found in this software are –


    • Read text messages – The users can read incoming and outgoing text messages along with date and time. The messages sent or received from the target cell are recorded and can be used to track illegal or duplicate activities. One can even recover and read deleted text, with the help of this spy software.
    • Listen to Live calls – This feature lets the user to hear a live call secretly. This feature is available only on high-end Symbian spy software.
    • Employee tracking – The applications in this software can be utilized to keep an eye on the mobile usage of the cell issued by the company. The employers can track and monitor their employers to ensure that they are honest when they say they are in some meetings or attending some calls.
  • GPS monitoring – With the GPS tracking, the owner can secretly monitor their GPS coordinates of a Symbian user’s device. The locations are uploaded at an interval of 15 minutes and gives an image of the locations using Google maps.


One can get a Symbian spy software which easily tracks everything and put it on the phone. The users can get a physical chip that can be adapted to the mobile device or get a piece of software that runs on it. The software is the best option, as it can be installed easily and tracks for the whole life once the Symbian spy is running. Before downloading a good Symbian spy from the third-party, one must know about the reputation of the company and read the reviews of the software. It is dangerous to download a wrong software, as there are a number of malicious developers who send viruses to steal the credit card/personal/financial information. One can search on the net to find good spy software. One can use Spy-Bubble as it has many features, good reviews and capabilities. Spy-Bubble is compatible with all the cell phone units.

The major drawback of Symbian spy software is that it cannot monitor non-Symbian phones. It is especially designed for Symbian phones and users cannot use it to other mobile brands like – Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung etc.

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