What Is A Keylogger Software? Should You Use It?

computer monitoringKeyloggers are software programs that allow you to spy on other users of a computer by recording all their keystrokes. This way you can find out what others are doing on the computer, what websites they are visiting, who they are communicating with, and many other things.

As you can guess, keyloggers can be pretty dangerous if used for the wrong purposes. They can be used to steal sensitive personal information of others. These programs run in stealth mode which means that people using the computer will not be aware that there is a keylogger installed and running in the background. By default, the program will automatically be loaded up in the background whenever you switch on or reboot the computer. However, if you wish, you can change this setting so that it does not start automatically but has to be manually started by someone.

If you are running a keylogger on your PC or laptop, it is important that you save the data which the software is recording in some safe place so that others will not be able to stumble across it easily. It doesn’t make sense if you save the data in some folder which can easily be accessed by anyone using the computer. For example – if you save all the keylogger data directly in C or D drive, then while browsing the computer, people can easily come across those files saved by the keylogger program and know that such a program is running in the background which will make them alert. For this reason, you have to save the data in some folder which is hidden deep inside other folders on your hard drive.

You may be wondering how you can access the keylogger program if it is hidden and is not visible in the Programs Menu. To bring up the program you need to press some secret shortcut keys. When you download the keylogger program, you will also get a user guide with it. That user guide has information about the shortcut keys which have to be pressed in order to bring up the program.

Before you install keylogger software you have to be mindful of the legal and ethical aspects. First of all, it is illegal to install such a software on a public computer which you do not own, like your office PC etc. You might install it on your home PC in order to monitor the activities of your kids. Even in such a case, you have to give careful thought whether it is really required or not. Maybe the kids will come to know of it which cause them to lose trust in you or may lead to other problems.

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