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What is Chaincreator, How it can solve the problems of the ICO Industry?



ICOs are one of the most convenient ways for startups to get the funding they want but it is also true that most of the ICO these days are a scam. Chaincreator is an ecosystem of advanced services which can solve the problems of ICO. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Chaincreator and how it can solve the problems of ICO.

What is Chaincreator?

Chaincreator is an ecosystem of advanced services which include the highly secure exchange, Market and other advanced services. Chaincreator is designed with the aim to provide the financial freedom to every single person who wants to be part of the crypto economy. The platform is truly decentralized and its user-friendly ecosystem is designed to serve users at any experience level, no matter whether they are beginners or advanced users.

What are the problems of ICO industry?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the best way to get funding for your startup but the ICO industry is suffering from two big problems.

The first problem is the presence of ICO exist scams on large scale, there are some good ICOs but they are always shadowed by bad ICOs and investors hesitate to invest in an ICO.

The 2nd big problem is that most of the cryptocurrencies only list the well-known coins on their exchange and they don’t bother to list the new coins on their exchange which result in zero market value and it cause frustration to investors.

How Chaincreator can solve the Problems of ICO Industry?

A recent study by Satis group shows that 80% of the ICOs these days turned out to the scam and out of the remaining 20% only 85 get listed on an exchange. Chaincreator have the solution for both problems of ICO industry,

Chaincreator Ecosystem comes with “Escrow-based ICO Platform” which bring the trust needed by the investors and it also makes the ICOs more credible. Chaincreator will only list the authentic ICOs on their platforms and all the funds which are raised during the ICOs will be stored in a secure escrow account. Chaincreator will release the funds on achieving each milestone agreed during the campaign. In this way, Chaincreator will ensure that the funds are secure and it will benefit both Investors and ICOs.

Chaincreator Exchange is also part of the Chaincreator ecosystem and it is designed with the aim to provide the best possible experience to its users by providing insured crypto exchange and state of the art services. Chaincreator Exchange has also solved the 2nd big problem of ICO industry, it will list the all ICO tokens which will eventually solve the issues like token liquidity and market capital valuation. However, Chaincreator will review the ICOs on the basis of different factors like their team, business framework, valid whitepaper, and a working website.

Chaincreator will surely revolutionize the ICO industry by solving most of their problems. Their products are designed to cater to the needs of both the Investors and ICO holders. The addition of Chaincreator will surely help in promoting a safe environment for everyone in the ICO community. Please visit or their partner website for more information.

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