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When It’s Ethical to Spy on Symbian Phones

Symbian Spy SoftwareThe ability to spy on Symbian phones is now a reality. If you want to spy on Symbian phones, all you need to do is buy the program that does it from one of the many websites that sell it.

However, some people don’t think it’s ethical to buy, much less use such a software program. I think they are right to a point, but that there are also several instances where using software to spy on Symbian phones is completely acceptable. In fact, I have come up with three rules to know whether it’s ok to spy on Symbian phones or not. Here they are:

  • When there is a big danger to be avoided. Suppose that you hear that there is something going on at your child’s school that really makes you afraid. Let’s say that you hear that there are hidden drug dealers in the school or that there are teens who bully others to the point of depression or suicide. And that’s just two of the dangers that are common in schools nowadays. There are also guns and kidnappers and many others. Do you think it’s better to let your child be exposed to these risks? Wouldn’t you feel better if you had an extra way to monitor your child, especially one that allowed you to find where your child is at any time?
  • When It Would Make Years of Suffering Go Away. Let’s say that there is a secret or a rumor that has been making you miserable for years. Maybe you suspect that your husband has an affair with a co-worker but you don’t have the money to hire a private investigator to find out. By buying this software, you’ll be able to find the truth once and for all in a very short time. Of course, the truth might not be pleasant, but at least you’ll be able to do something about it.
  • When You Use the Software Only for a Short Time: In the end, this technology, like any type of technology, is a tool. Once you find out whatever it is that you wanted to find out, then you should stop using the software and move on with your life.

Obviously, these rules on when it’s ok to spy on Symbian phones are completely subjective. You may agree or not with them, or you may come up with your own rules. I just wanted to share my insight on the use of this technology.

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